Railcar Studio Privacy Policy

This notice outlines how Railcard Studio LLC (referred to as "we" in this notice) collects, saves, utilizes, or otherwise manages the personal information of the end users of our Services as defined below (referred to as "you" in this notice), and informs you of your rights if your data is being processed by us.

For the purpose of this notice, "Services" denotes our Games, Websites, and any affiliated services or assets under our supervision; "Games" signifies our games, apps, and other products; and "Websites" pertains to online properties under our ownership or control. The term "your data" is used to denote personal data that pertains to you as an individual who can be identified.

This notice is applicable to all our Services, unless a distinct notice accompanies a specific Game or other Service. If a separate notice is provided, that notice will take precedence. Moreover, our services may link to or let you navigate to assets owned by third parties. Please bear in mind that this notice does not extend to properties managed by third parties and the controllers of these properties may gather and use your data according to their own guidelines.

1. Data controller

By “data controller,” we mean an entity that determines how and why personal data is processed. With regard to the activities described in this notice, we are the data controller. Our company name is Railcarstudio Corporation. Our address is 101 Jefferson Dr, Menlo Park, CA 94025, USA.

While operating the Services, we may share your data with partners we work with. Some of these partners are data controllers independently of us and, therefore, independently determine how and why they process your data.

2. Contact information

In matters related to this notice, you can reach us by email at info@railcarstudio.com

3. Why do we process your data and on what basis?

Your data may be utilized by us for a variety of objectives related to our Services. For a comprehensive understanding of these purposes, click on the plus symbol. For a concise summary, we hope the following insights will be helpful:

As you use our Services, your data is processed in ways that let us deliver our Services to you (such as backing up your game progress).

In addition, your data equips us to offer ancillary services (like account services and customer support), sustain our Services (such as resolving issues you encounter or moderating our Games), and enhance the Services (for instance, conducting surveys for your feedback).

Occasionally, it may be necessary for us to utilize your data for other reasons such as fraud detection, auditing, or compliance.

For the purpose of fulfilling our contract with you, it may be necessary for us to process your data to:

  • Set up and manage an account for you in our Games or other Services where required.
  • Enable your utilization of our Games or other Services.
  • Tailor the right version of our Games or other Services to you (like selecting the right language version for you).
  • Offer the ability to interact with other users within our Games or other Services where available (such as managing chat, communities, forums, or enabling other similar features).
  • Deliver service-related communications to you (including technical notices, security warnings, or administrative messages).
  • Validate your purchases or other transactions within our Games or other Services.

Acting on our legitimate interest to provide top-notch Services, we may use your data to:

  • Operate and take care of our Services (ensuring our Services are safe and operate as planned for example).
  • Identify and correct any bugs or faults found in our Services.
  • Assess and understand the use of our Services or data collected through our Services (to identify trends for example).
  • Generate data that cannot be traced back to you (such as aggregate data), which we may freely use and disseminate.
  • Conduct surveys or research to glean more knowledge about our users.
  • Upgrade our existing Services and formulate new Services.

In line with our legitimate interest to deliver an optimal gaming experience, we may make use of your data to:

  • Adapt your gaming experience based on your past activity.
  • Propose offers and rewards within our Games based on your activities.
  • Enable, where possible, gameplay across multiple devices by linking third-party accounts with our Games.
  • Enable social features, promotions, competitions or events within our Games or other Services where possible.
  • Manage support requests or other interactions with you.
  • Deliver service-related communications (such as technical notices, security alerts or administrative messages).
  • To adhere to our legitimate interest to maintain a fair and secure environment for all our users, or for legal obligations as required, we may make use of your data to:
  • Ensure age-appropriate access to content and features.
  • Oversee the usage of our Games or Services (including moderating any messages sent through the Services).
  • For our legitimate interest in protecting our operations, we might process your data to:
  • Detect, probe, or prevent fraudulent or unauthorized behavior.
  • Audit our operations or processes (for instance, to ensure they function as planned and align with regulatory or contractual requirements).
  • Implement, exercise, or protect our legal rights within the framework of applicable laws and regulations

If you give us your consent, we may process your data:

  • To share it with our partners (specified when requesting consent) for autonomous use in accordance with their own privacy policies, which could include creating a profile based on your preferences, among other uses.
  • To send newsletters or other similar communications if you have subscribed to them, such as when creating an account with us or through a form on our Websites.
  • For other purposes explained when we ask for your consent, such as using your GPS location to provide location-based experiences.
  • Lastly, we may process your data as required to:
  • Comply with legal obligations that we believe are applicable to us (including accounting and tax requirements, limitations on access to our Services, and requirements to provide information to competent authorities upon request) or
  • Protect your vital interests or the vital interests of another person.
  • Moreover, we may process your data for additional reasons that align with any of the purposes mentioned above.

We don't employ your data for automated decisions of significant consequence to you. By an “automated decision,” we mean a decision formulated by an information system which doesn't involve human intervention.

3.1 Cookies and similar technologies on our Websites

Like most websites today, our Websites may use cookies or similar technologies (for example, local shared objects or web beacons).

A “cookie” is a small file your browser stores when told to do so by a website. Cookies can be set by either the website you visit (“first-party cookies”) or a third party involved in providing content, functionality, or services such as analytics or advertising for the website you visit (“third-party cookies”). Cookies are typically used to identify or “remember” your device, for example to enable functionality, facilitate audience measurement, improve performance, or store your preferences.

When you visit our Websites, you may be prompted to make a choice regarding cookies. Some cookies may be strictly necessary for the operation of the Websites. These cookies will be used and stored on your device independent of your choices regarding other types of cookies. You can also control the use of cookies using your browser or device settings, for example by disabling some or all cookies or configuring your browser or device to notify you when cookies are being set. However, please consider that disabling cookies may affect your ability to use the Services.

4. What data do we process?

As you access and utilize our Services, we may compile information you provide to us or through the Services. Examples could be when you're setting up an account, sending messages within the Games, or contacting us for support. We could automatically amass information about your Service usage and the device used for accessing the Services. The data we gather could be applied to deduce further information, such as your content preferences.

As part of our services, we may collect the following information:

  • Your name, email address, or other contact details if you've supplied them to us, for example, while setting up an account or subscribing to our communications.
  • Your age or date of birth.
  • Online identifiers such as your in-game alias, IP address, identifiers related to your account, or hardware or operating system-based identifiers.
  • Technical details about the device you use to play our Games or employ our other Services, such as the type, model, manufacturer, operating system, language, display, processor, or memory.
  • Your general location (for instance, country, state, or city), inferred from your IP address.
  • Information about your interaction with the Services, such as your progress or purchases in our Games, your account activity, or visits to our websites.
  • Reports or other information related to bugs, errors, issues you experience in our Services.
  • Predictions we make based on your activity in our Services, like the types of content you might enjoy.
  • Messages or other communications you send to us or through the Services or relevant communities managed by us on third-party platforms. This could include your chat messages in our Games or emails sent to our support team.
  • If you decide to link a third-party account (e.g., a social media account) with our Services, we may receive information from the account provider, such as your account name, identifier, or email address to allow gameplay across devices, or profile name, picture, or information about your friends to provide social features.
  • Information we receive from third-party payment service providers to validate purchases you make in our Games. Please note that we do not receive your credit card or other payment details.
  • If you've subscribed to our communications, we may collect your content preferences or other information you provide when subscribing.
  • If you participate in our surveys or other research, we collect any comments, feedback, responses, or other information you provide, for instance, details about your background or your experience with our Games.
  • Knowledge about your preferences concerning your data, for example, any consent you may have given or withdrawn.
  • Any other information you voluntarily provide us through our Services or other means.
  • Lastly, we may collect other information explained to you when we ask for your consent, for example, your GPS location for location-based experiences, provided you have agreed to this.

We do not anticipate or intend to compile or process any special categories of data about you. By special categories, we mean genetic,biometric, or health information, data exposing racial or ethnic origin, sex life or sexual orientation, political viewpoints, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade union membership, or particulars about your criminal offenses or convictions. We kindly request you not to share this type of information with us or use our Services to disseminate it to others.

5. Where do we collect your data from?

Primarily, we collect data directly from you or your device when you use our Services. However, we may also receive data about you from other companies, for example third-party login providers if you choose to use them, companies that facilitate the purchases you make in our Games.

The data related to you might be gathered from the following sources:

  • Directly from you when you provide it to us. For example, when you register an account, subscribe to our communications, send us support requests, or answer our surveys.
  • Directly from you and/or your device through automatic means when you use our Services. This might be done with the help of technologies like cookies or software development kits (SDKs).
  • From the third-party account provider if you decide to link a third-party account (such as a social media account) with our Services.
  • From those community groups or the platform provider if you participate in official community groups for our Games on third-party platforms.
  • From the third-party payment service provider involved in processing transactions if you make purchases within our Services.
  • From other sources with your consent, as explained when we ask for it.

Providing data to us is optional, but we won't be able to deliver our Services, or some aspects or features of our Services without processing your data. If you utilize our Services, we will collect data relevant to you for some or all of the purposes outlined in this notice, depending on the Services you opt for and your decisions while using them.To limit or control the degree to which your data is processed, you have several choices. You can decide not to connect your third-party accounts with our Games, use options in our Games to manage your preferences regarding your data usage, use your device settings to toggle features like push notifications or location tracking, or disable some or all cookies from your browser settings. However, please note that our Websites may not respond to “Do Not Track” signals in HTTP headers.

6. Who do we share your data with?

Given the global nature of our Services, your data is likely to be transferred to and/or processed in countries other than your home country when you use our Services. As per applicable laws and regulations, your use of the Services signifies your consent to the data transfer outside of your home country. Typically, we share data with our service providers and partners who contribute to delivering the Services. Some information, like your in-game alias or chat messages, might, by default, be visible to other users of our Services. Less commonly, we might need to share data when making organizational changes, when required by law or regulation, or when necessary to protect our legal rights or vital interests of someone.

Please note that some of the information that you provide or make accessible through our Services might also be visible to other users of our Services. This usually pertains to details like your public profile information in our Games (like your in-game alias), your chat messages and data attached with social features like clans or leaderboards. Hence, you should always consider this information as publicly accessible and you shouldn't submit or make available any data that you want to remain private.

We may need to move your data outside of the European Union (“EU”) and the European Economic Area (“EEA”). For instance, we use servers for data hosting purposes that are based in the United States, and some of our affiliates or service providers that help us deliver the Services might be located outside of the EU and the EEA. The data protection laws in these countries might differ from those in your home country. In such scenarios, we'll take adequate measures to safeguard your personal data. That might mean utilizing the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission for data transfers or other safeguards acknowledged by relevant laws and rules. We can provide you a copy of the European Commission’s standard contractual clauses and deeper insights about the safeguards in place upon request.

7. How long do we keep your data?

We will retain your data as long as it's necessary for fulfilling the purpose for which it was collected. This includes providing our Services or meeting any legal, accounting, or reporting obligations. We might periodically erase or anonymize inactive accounts or other data in our Games or other Services.

After the relevant retention period, we'll either erase or anonymize your data. If neither erasing nor anonymizing is possible (for example, because the data is stored on a backup server), we'll isolate your data to prevent any further processing until erasing or anonymizing becomes feasible. We may continue to use data that doesn't identify you (for instance, aggregated data).

8. How do we keep your data secure?

We have implemented measures to ensure an appropriate level of security for your data, considering the risk involved with the processing activities outlined in this notice. These measures aim to protect your data against accidental or unlawful damage, loss, alteration as well as unauthorized exposure or access. The specific measures we use vary, but they usually include, for instance, encrypting data during transit, making identifying data pseudonymous whenever feasible, controlling access to services or systems that store personal data, and maintaining procedures to manage any suspected security incidents. However, bear in mind that, despite all our efforts to secure your data, the internet is not completely safe, and we cannot guarantee your data's absolute security.

9. Your rights

Under applicable laws and regulations, you have several rights concerning your data. If we are processing your data, you may request to exercise these rights. For instance, you can request access to your data, ask for its deletion, or withdraw consent where applicable. To exercise these rights, look in the settings menus of our Games for relevant options, or reach out to us via info@railcarstudio.com

10. Children

Our Services are primarily designed for and intended to be used by adults. When you access and use our Services, we might ask for your age or your age may become known to us in some other way. If we learn that you're a minor or fall below a certain age threshold we've set, we may take measures to restrict, suspend, or terminate your access to the Services. We'll do this if it's necessary to meet regulatory or platform requirements, or to offer you an age-appropriate experience. If your access to the Services isn't suspended or terminated, we'll limit your personal data usage to what's needed for our Services' internal operation and any other uses permitted by relevant laws, regulations, and platform policies. This might involve denying access to certain parts or features of our Services.

11. Changes

We may update this notice from time to time, for example due to changes in our operations or the legal obligations that apply to us. Updates will be made available here. We may also inform you of any changes by other means that are appropriate to the significance of the changes.