Endless Tale

Web Application

Text RPG

Artificial Intelligence


Dive Into Endless Tale

AI Text RPG journey where you traverse a shared world of myths.
Engage in a narrative-driven adventure, making interactive choices that lead to rare rewards.

Create Your Endless Tale

"Endless Tale" is a unified realm where myths from all ages come to life.

With the aid of AI, each location unfolds a unique myth, offering players an interactive experience. Your adventures become part of the collective myth repository, with every new player continuing and expanding the started narrative.

Narrative Card Gameplay
with Gacha Mechanics

Dive into a 5-minute mythological card adventure, making 7 interactive choices along the way. Roll the dice for each choice and watch as the AI crafts your hero's unique myth-based story. At the journey's end, luck determines your epic reward: rare artifacts, resources, or new hero cards.

Collect Rare Artifacts

Find powerful artifacts within stories. Each grants unique abilities to your hero.

With every artifact you gather, your journey shifts, molded by the capabilities you now hold. Collect artifacts and watch your hero's power grow.

Mythical Heroes

Every quest is influenced by AI-generated mythological characters, each with its own power and persona. Forge your own hero's journey or collect cards of legendary protagonists.


Build a Custom Hero

An AI Text RPG like no other. Forge your custom hero in a unified world teeming with myths and magical rewards.
Create your Endless Tale and leave your mark on a sprawling, AI-generated fantasy realm.


Create Your Own World

Shape a piece of our shared mythological map. The AI fills in the details, making it a living part of the grand saga, influencing hero stories generated on its terrain.

Create your Endless Tale and leave your mark on a sprawling,
AI-generated fantasy realm.

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